Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Survey results: lots of people who want racial harmony and to be in a comic book

The survey question of the week was: When it comes to race, which letters describe you best?

The results were: a. KKK-3 b. MLK-12 c. Malcolm X-3 d. X-Men-12

The purpose of this question was to get a sense of what kind of readership was attracted to the blog. Are they the type that strive for peace, love, and racial harmony like Martin Luther King or are they the type to want to kill me like the Ku Klux Klan? Obviously, if there were a bunch of KKK people on here, I may have to rethink my game plan (as in come up with a good exit strategy).

As expected, I got the most votes for Martin Luther King. No doubt, MLK was a great guy, although I have had people argue that he wasn’t. While there might be a few specific things that you don’t agree with regarding MLK, I hope that we can, at least, agree that his objective of reaching racial harmony and doing that through non-violent means was a noble thing to strive for.

X-Men was my joke answer, and I only threw it in there because it had a letter in the name. And as expected, this tied for most votes. I’m guessing that the people who chose this thought it would be funny. Although on second thought, it’s possible that some of those voters were thinking that since the X-Men are comprised of people of diverse backgrounds, that they represented some kind of racial harmony. Probably not, but possible.

Also, as expected, very few people picked Ku Klux Klan and Malcolm X. One of the three people who voted KKK later confessed to me that he was just trying to “spice things up.” As for the lack of votes on Malcolm X, I think this is an indicator of how little most people know about him. I actually hold him in high regard, because among other things, he showed the human capacity to change. He’s usually portrayed as very militant, but before he died he made a 180 degree turn and became a peace-loving person. This is quite remarkable considering that he and his family were targeted by white supremacists since he was still in his mother’s womb. Learn more about him here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_x. Or watch the Spike Lee movie, Malcolm X.


  1. I picked x-men because I want to be Storm. It actually had nothing to do with race. lol.

  2. I picked x-men because I'm really not that familiar with Malcom X or Martin Luther King. I couldn't pick KKK, because I'm just a skinny white boy who doesn't want to get beat up. Also, I picked X-men because I want Storm. So hot! want to touch the hiney!

  3. I missed out on the poll, but i'd have to lean toward MLK... have to share this experience because you mentioned the KKK and all.
    I was playing poker online about 2 months ago and was very disappointed with a comment that was made while chatting and playing. for some weird reason someone got on the topic of the KKK and one player who was from Europe asked if the KKK still existed here in the states. i replied that as ridiculous as it sounds that kind of logic is still around. ( if you can call that logic ).
    just after that another player from the states agreed with me and then went on to say, " yeah the new "group" of people to worry about now are the Muslims." man i even have a hard time writing what he said...
    i went on to try and educate him on the facts and that he had been watching to much fox news and not to mention that he was in essence saying he didn't agree with the KKK's way of thinking , but made a comment just as ridiculous as anything the KKK would preach.
    i was fascinated yet troubled at the lack of understanding that poured out of him.
    as well since i've been back here in the states i'm shocked as to how much racism happens...for instance while i was working one day in a pharmacy ringing a customer up a man about 35 or so made a comment to the effect of, " i cant stand the fact that i have to pay $100.00 for my Rx and these ni**ers only pay yata yata freakn yata."
    he looked at me i guess expecting me to agree or at least stop staring at him with a look of disgust and he mustered up the question,
    " well don't you think that way?? " i wanted to quote bruce hornsby and say " how can you stand to think that way, did you REALLY THINK about it before you made the rules? " , but instead i saw a chance to hopefully make him think twice or at least hesitate the next time he felt the need express his warped view with a stranger.
    i said actually man i'm an orphan and was adopted by a freakn awesome family who just so happens to be black and i'd appreciate it if you kept your insights like that to yourself.
    those of you who know me know full and well that's not the case, but surely you can see the point i was trying to get across. i often wonder how a world that has come as far as we have still struggles with these kinda issues..
    is the problem simply that people are not educated about these things or a combination of that and the difficult task of breaking down preconceptions of how things are the way they are????

  4. MissKim, I was surprised to find out myself that X-men actually has a lot to do with race. check out the link on the side.

    Brian Bambl, I'm glad you are a advocate of interracial dating.

    Minerva, thanks for sharing your experiences. And good for you for trying to educate ppl. That is actually something I have trouble with because I don't like the confrontation. That's hilarious that you said the thing about being adopted. I'm going to use that now!

  5. hii jang! it's marjorie. i chose x-men because even though they have been ostracized by what is deemed "normal," they continue to rise despite opposition. i did not view it as a joke option, but as the perfect option for me. x-men is comprised of different backgrounds and personalities, and each of them shine in their own unique way. they are do-gooders in a society where physicality matters more than morality. people are quick to judge the outside and are too blinded to see the good nature within. kinda mirrors our society, doesn't it?

    anyhoo, sunny and i are glad you found an outlet. blogging/writing can be rather cathartic, no? =.)

  6. Marjorie! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, you are exactly right about X-Men. I had no idea until a friend sent me a link. I haven't seen any of the movies. That makes me really want to be in a comic book now.

  7. Hey Jang
    I am new to your blog. I really like the content and I plan to keep reading. I love listening to people's thoughts on this topic. I'm teaching multicultural psych in the fall, I think the topics you raise are things that many of us think about but don't have a safe space to share. Keep the good posts coming!

  8. Ciara, welcome! I'm glad you like it. It's nice to have a person who is actually formally educated in this stuff, so your input is always encouraged. May I ask where you teach?