Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Survey analysis: Lots of people who pee in Coke

So the question of the week was, “Before reading the post entitled Me Chinese. Me Tell Joke, had you heard of the Coke joke before?”

The results were: No-23 (61%); Yes-15 (39%)

So I’ve got to admit that the results were a little disappointing. I could have sworn that the Coke joke was more universal than this. I was imagining kids from LA to DC singing “Me Chinese, Me tell joke” in unison. My only consolation is that, at least, 15 of you would have played the joke on me, had you known me at that age (at least, that’s my interpretation).

Here’s something interesting. A good friend of mine who is from NY and is Asian, told me that he had never heard the joke. I was shocked. How could two Asian kids from the same city experience totally different things? Granted, I was in the Bronx and he was in Lower Manhattan/Queens, but still…

Another interesting note: two friends told me that they knew of the joke and would play it on fellow white kids. Now, that seems like a waste…


  1. A very postmodern perspective...racism is a moving target, full of complexity, just when you think you have it nailed down a new wrinkle appears...

  2. Jody, the old racism was manifested through overt action. The new racism is manifested through subconscious action.